Environmental Policy

At Skylight Media, we aim to carry out all of our operations in an environmentally sensitive manner to minimise the consumption of resources, atmospheric emissions and waste sent to landfill. Where practical, we seek to follow good environmental practice on purchasing, energy use, transport and waste management.

We promote the dissemination of good environmental practice through our own communication with new and existing clients, and with the services we offer within our own business support. All staff and partners are encouraged to work to this Policy, or its subsequent versions. As part of this policy, the following objectives and targets have been reached and set, reflecting the most significant environmental aspects identified within our operations:

  • Off-set carbon consumption from Business Travel as from December 2006.
  • Reduction of the impact of solid waste production from on site activities by implementing office paper, card and plastics recycling from January 2007.
  • All office printing (invoices, correspondence, etc) is printed onto recycled or sustainable paper, from November 2007.
  • Reduction of printed invoices by 40%, as from April 2007, by sending as PDFs in email.
  • To dispose of all WEEE in a responsible and environmentally sound manner, as from January 2007.
  • To use alternative/more sustainable methods of travel, reducing car dependence between home and office by 30%, as from March 2008.
  • To add carbon neutral hosting to our services from February 2009.


This Policy encompasses the environmental policy objectives of Skylight Media Limited, and has the support of the Board and staff of the company and is communicated to all interested customers, stakeholders and contractors. The Directors are responsible for implementing this Policy and communicating it to each employee. This Policy is subject to regular review to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims of the company and promotes continuous environmental improvement throughout the company's operations.