Well, where do we start...?

For Skylight Media, a good place is 2003. A long time ago, when the Internet was in its infancy. Founded on solid principles of customer service, adaptability, authenticity, knowledgeability and technical proficiency, these plus our transparency and ethics have stood fast. We take a project from inception to launch, support it afterwards and can even help grow it, giving our clients the edge and us a reputation of reliability and no-nonsense service; we’re who we’d want to choose if we were in your shoes.

Established in 2003

High Quality Service

Experienced UK-Based Team

Since 2003, we've done so much in terms of project depth, technical ability and sheer volume of work and complexity. All team members are seasoned, experienced professionals, have an incredible attitude towards client satisfaction and are committed to a positive customer experience. We continue to give unrivalled support through the project and beyond, taking many clients from standing start to beyond £1m turnover. We have at least 5 clients that have been with us since 2004, so we engender loyalty in customers, as we are loyal to them.

E-commerce has been a major part of our business since 2004, and we continue to provide a level of expertise normally associated with larger companies. Since 2012 we've been integrating systems, e.g. accounts, CRM, ERP and more, helping clients reduce task duplication, increasing data accuracy and efficiency. This leads to more streamlined information flow between departments and reduced administrative burden. We have a unique attitude towards each project, which is to understand the job fully before embarking on it, to get to an accurate price and timeline.

Platforms we work with are:



Craft Commerce









We're proud of our reputation within a number of vertical markets, including greeting cards and giftware, manufacturing, technology and fashion & textiles. Many well-known brands rely upon us to keep them updated with technology and trends, based on solid working relationships that have been built over nearly 20 years.

Quality Service

We think in Big Business terms, strategically and with the future in mind, due to many years' corporate experience. We have due process for all projects, enabling us to keep our promises, starting with the proposal, leading ultimately to total client satisfaction. All work is guaranteed and we offer support to all clients, beyond launch.


We promote the dissemination of good environmental practice through our own communication with new and existing clients, and with the services we offer within our own business support. All staff and partners are encouraged to work to this Policy, or its subsequent versions.

We are a highly process-driven company, assuring you of the highest standards of knowledge and service.

Our 6 Step Process

Discuss Your Needs

Investigate & Plan

Design & Build

Delivery & Support

Feedback & Iteration

Measure & Grow

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Industry Experience

We are proud of the growing reputation we have within the greetings and giftware, as well as manufacturing, technology and fashion & textiles sectors. We have designed and developed websites for many well-known brands and we have solid working relationships that have been built upon over several years.

Greetings & Giftware

Manufacturing & Technology

Home & Garden

Fashion & Textiles